Monday, March 10, 2014

Birthday wish for my little sister

Today my little sister Serena became 8 years old. I remember the first time I held her in my hands all safe and unharmed by life. I travel to that moment so many times as I hear her laughter and touch her joy in memory and then I see her empty lingering eyes on my screen while my little brother tells her not to cry cos else they can´t talk to us anymore. A broken page inside such a beautiful book they became. I can not even talk about the missing even if I would find the words to describe it I can´t write them down for they would be too heavy for anyone to bare. I can only say I miss her, we miss her, we miss them with every fiber of who we are, who we were.

Its the first time we don´t eat cake and inside my heart I´m singing happy birthday to her hoping she feels it through her sadness as she blows the candles of a tasteless cake. She doesn´t have to tell me or anyone what her wish is since its written all over her face.

My mom will be sitting silently and exhausted in an airplane seat today and tomorrow she sees them for the first time in 8 months and we all know that her heart will be torn appart when she has to leave again. I can´t imagine being as strong as she is. I wouldn´t even dare to go, the confrontation alone would be too unbearable for me I rather stay in the distance from it all. My mom is such an incredible strong woman she just shelters her pain and looks through the fear for just 2 hours of holding them. Those 2 hours will make her 10 years older but she doesn´t mind as long as she finds that bliss and has those 2 hours with them.

I hope every one will keep my little brother and sister in their hearts and please keep wishing for them to be home soon.

I made this song and as usual I recorded it at home in a freestyle way. The words were there hidden in my soul and pain and its all for her, for my little sister Serena who has become 8 years old today. She has her birthday and has to celebrate it with strange people in a strange country and why? To keep Sweden´s social money going. Its 8 months now since I have seen my little brother and sister and I still can´t believe this is happening. Today my family´s heart breaks just a little more since we never thought we would ever have to celebrate a birthday like this. Please keep my little brother and sister in your heart and keep wishing for them to return home soon.


You´re not here today
we can´t blow candles today
oh this shattered cake on the table is too bitter to taste
is too bitter to take
you´re 8 years old now

but your tears are so heavy
you feel so heavy
and I can´t tell you when its over
when its over?
I quest touching this cross chain around my neck
patience strikes we survive in it
but time
oh time
grips us so different

this birthday blows the pain into our hearts
right into our hearts
oh Serena
sweet Serena
you are in our hearts
and soon you'll be back home
with your brother on your hand

The amazing compostion "You and I" I used is from Christoph Sebastien.

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The phone call with one of the social workers Yesterday

The batle is still unchanged and going. Yesterday my mother talked on the phone with "Annette" one of the social workers (not sure or you can call them that) She asked her when they planned to go work together with the Dutch and Belgium authorities. On this Annette replied with this phrase "We don't care about the dutch authorities and the Belgium ones since they don't have a say in this case:"
Its a very strange reaction espacailly since in the court papers it clearly stands that the higher court has decided that they have to work together but they refuse to do that. Can you believe that?
I certainly can't yet its happening.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Help us release my little brother Annelinyo and my little sister Serena from their Swedish vacation nightmare.

Legal human trafficking in Sweden, Sweden goes against Europe and human rights by taking our children from us while being on vacation this strictly based on gossip and lies of racist villagers. they earn up to 1200 euro´s per child per day over the back of our innocent children.

July 12, 2013 I went together with my family to Sweden for holiday. The holiday definately did not go as we planned the moment the police together with the social service stormed into our house. There were all sorts of suspicions for example; we would have no electricity , no water and not enough food. This while they literally saw the lights burning, the TV was on , they saw the water flowing from the tap and the fridge was stocked with food. Yet the social workers refused to change it in their report.

When the police entered my room, I was still asleep they searched everything and found a sex toy which was a party article that I had gotten from a girlfriend as a joke at a bachelor party However, this made no difference. I was accused of prostitution it felt unreal, unfair, untrue as if I landed inside of a bad dream I could not wake up from. 

The house was a large crime scene everything was turned upside down and examined. There was no privacy , no more humanity we were treated like criminals and had no right to speak. After a few hours of trying to communicate in poor English, we got the heartbreaking notice that my brothers and sisters had to go with them and even I had to leave my parents behind. I reacted traumatic found it absolutely ridiculous that they had the suspicion of prostitution against me based on nothing without any source of evidence. I still had to come along the only thing I could do was pack my clothes. 

Since everything took so long the first group of police officers changed shifts and suddenly there was a completely new group. We thought the first group acted like animals but they were nothing compared to the group that came second. It seemed as if we really were in Russia. Money was taken out of my dad´s wallet, he was almost pushed down the stairs and my mom could not even help my little sister getting dressed It was terrible and that between all the cries of despair. 

After a while the moment was there, that moment although we knew it would come we couldn´t be ever prepared for that goodbye. I was the first one that had to leave my screaming sisters my crying brothers and my desparete mom and dad behind. A very emotional farewell which broke everyones heart except from the social workers since they were having an enjoyable coffee moment outside while the police even considered to get an ice cream what  of course was extremely inappropriate in this situation. 

After I was brought into the police car , it was time for my brothers and sisters. I can´t imagine what my mom felt on that moment, to stand there as a mother fighting against her tears while packing a few sets of clothing while realizing that its really true, that thought most knock you to to the ground instantly. 
It felt as if i literally entered hell when I gave my brothers and sisters those last kisses and when I held my mom and dad strongly until I was forced to let them go. 

We were snatched from them and forcibly taken while there was being talked loud in Swedish a language which we couldn´t even understand. Upset we sat down in the car while the police waved sadistically at us as if the situation was not bad enough. We were seperated from each other instantly, I knew I could no longer be there for them and that´s were it became the realist for me. I didn´t even know at the time that they were all forcibly taken to a hospital to undergo physical tests. They didn´t wanted to cooperate they felt humiliated and scared. However ,the social service had no compassion for them and went to the doctor where they were forced to urinate in a cup. My little sister (7 years) got all upset, That´s when my smaller brother (16 years) became rebellious towards the social workers. 

They immediately wrote down that he was aggressive while its a super sweet boy who just could not stand how his sisters and brother were forced humiliated but that was obviously not mentioned. Initially, they would have been placed together in the same foster family but because of this so called `event` they had a good motive to permit them from breaking that promise. They said my smaller brother (16 years old ) and my smaller sister ( 13 years) were too caring for my little brother and sister. So they were temporarily housed in two different foster homes. I however, was placed in an institution for problem youth. Most of them where there for things like: drugs, alcohol , violence and psychiatric problems. I had no experience with any of that, I always stayed on the good path busy with writing while trying to help others with my art but it made no difference who I was, since I was treated the same as every one else while being innocent. 

The social workers assured us that it would be just for a weekend and that we didn´t need to worry but that was one of the many lies that were still to come. I got a police interrogation the next day where I was asked strange questions like: Do your parents ever lock you up ? I replied indignant here with a No. I didn´t understand why they had to ask me I mean they witnessed the doors being opened when they stormed our house. Immediately after the hearing I was told by the leadership of the institute that the next morning I would be brought to another facility.  They told me that I would have more freedom there, but nothing was less true. Even my tampons were counted, I could not even have paracetamol in my room. The windows were closed, I could not go out the door by myself the phone was only diverted to me and I had no access to my cell phone or Internet which made me completely isolated from the outside world. 

My smaller brother (16) and sister (13) were placed together in an institution where there were also only young people for violence and drug abuse . My two little brother and sister remained in the same foster home where they were placed from the start. Then the nightmare really began every time children crying brothers and sisters on the phone my little brother being called a liar by the foster father because he supposedly didn´t tell the truth about his family. Fully manipulated by the promises of a PlayStation 4 , iPod and other materialistic things if he would give in that there was no electricity at home . 

Luckily my mom raised us with the message that truth and love always wins other wise they would never have been able to deal with those mind games . The situation of my other brother (16) and sister (13) also became worse. They had to spent the days doing nothing in the institute. There was only a Swedish television so they sat all day on the couch gaming on the PlayStation there was a total lack of structure, no steady dining times and no rules they were even offered chewing tobacco by the staff and when my sister of 13 refused they told her she had to try everything in life once.

After several weeks we were still kept in suspense. We still didn´t see our parents or each other.  Ever since we were there, there still had not been any visits. The social workers kept promising us but it never happened. Each day it became harder for all of us though I tried to stay positive and to kill time I went to the classes the institution offered me. In music class I discovered my voice, I sang exposed my soul and for a brief moment I felt free again, away from the locks on my door but that feeling couldn´t stay away for long. The whole process should only have taken a weekend but the social services continued to delay for their so-called research. 

After three months, the time had finally come. 
September 30, 2013 on my mom´s 47Th birthday we had the lawsuit. It was the first time I saw my brother (16) my sister (13) and my mom and dad again. I was there with the guidance of a supervisor of the institute and my brother and sister with two other staff members of their home. Emotionally I was devastated when I held them in my arms I never cried like that and my moms screams killed me. Yet I had to force myself to pick myself back up I had to tell my story in front of the court it was a matter of life and death. 

The lawsuit was really a drama the social works did not even shake our hands upon entering the court they said nothing and ignored us. Especially for me there was no respect from their part, they were just sitting laughing in court . Which I responded on by telling them that I thought it was very inappropriate that they were sadistically laughing at me . One of the social workers responded with the horrific phrase. ''Excuse me, but I 'm just a happy person.'' That made it even worse and astonishing the fact that people like that are in a position to judge others while it seemed that they had not been raised properly themselves. When the trail was over I had to let go of my family again something died in me again but I had to stay strong maybe we would win the trail, yet there was something in me which kept me restless. 

Nearly two weeks later.
October 11, 2013 4:35 pm I received the decision of the court the worst moment of my life. I was never so nervous, anxiety totally choked me, I nearly passed out in the hallway and begged a staff member to tell me I could not enter that room. The statement read: I was free to go , my brother (16 years old ) and my sister ( 13 years) were given back to my mom but my little brother and sister had to remain in the foster home. How is that possible, I wonder how can a judge make that immoral decisions about people who are not residing in Sweden who were only two weeks on vacation. 

It was unbelievable and yet it was true. We called the social workers but they did not want to talk to us. our lawyer had gone home and didn´t inform us until that next Tuesday about the current state of the situation of my little siblings . We came with seven and left Sweden with just the five of us , my little siblings are still in Sweden without visitation with only two calls a week in a family that has no compassion for the situation. 

They go to a foreign school with a language they do not understand or speak , eat things they are not used to and longing for their parents and to cuddle with their brother 's and sister 's. We have not seen them for almost six months now. Once we got a photograph sent to us a few expressionless eyes is all that is left of my sweet brother and sister . The despair is deep in them and in us and that only because Sweden goes against the Brussels legislation and so totally ignores the European standards. 

However, nothing is said or done about it that my brother and sister are abducted by The Swedish government something which seems so impossible still happened and that while me mom has always been the best mother and the Swedish court agrees else they would never have given me back three of her children. However, what no one understands is why the judge has not returned the two youngest . It's unbelievable that this is possible in this modern age of laws and regulations but Sweden goes on with their corrupt practices since the lawsuit should never even have been in Sweden from the start it was a case Sweden was not permitted to put in court. 

They can not put foreign children in the custody of foster parents in their country yet it happened and something has to be done about it. Not only for my family but also for others who think Sweden is part of Europe which is not the case. Is it not ridiculous that your brother and sister can be taken on vacation without having done anything wrong and that you not have visiting rights for over 5 months. It is the worst thing that can happen to a siblings and parents and it can not be that this goes under the carpet this has to be stopped. This case needs attention and the Social Services in Munkfors Sweden must be investigated because the practices which are there being played go against all the Rights of the Child and human beings which has also endorsed the organization Defense for Children. They agree that the things which happen in Sweden go against EU law. 

A Swedish court may not decide about foreign children who are not residing in Sweden. So the Swedish court is against the law in Brussels and does something which is not possible. I hope our story opens the eyes and that someone is going to do something with it as soon as possible. I need every one to sign to pay attention to this, to bring my sweet brother and sister back home to us so they can start their normal life again. They have to return as soon as possible because every day feels endless for them and for us. Every minute we have to miss them seems endless. Support a Family in their battle of getting their children back and help us get this story out in the open.